About J Dee Media


How We Began

The thing that first drew us to transcribing and subtitling was the often poor subtitles we used to see when watching shows and we knew that it could be done a lot better.

J Dee Media was started to offer services that would give clients a speedy service with no compromisation on quality. J Dee Media transcribes audio, video, and real-time captioning into text.

The services offered include transcription of interviews, sermons, press conferences, medical lectures, legal depositions, lecture notes, conversations and phone calls and many more.

How We Work

Receive Details

Firstly, we receive the details from our customers, ensuring that we understand their requirements fully. Then our specialised team begin the work.

Meet Our Deadlines

We ensure that the agreed deadlines are always met. Whether you have a turn around time of two hours or two months - We make sure it happens.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After delivering the agreed project you are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee where we ensure at least 99% accuracy on every project.

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10+ Years of Excellence.

We established ourselves as a startup and we’ve come a long way. We have over 10 years of transcription and subtitling experience. With J Dee Media, you get the confidence that the job will be done properly. In the rare event that it isn’t, we assure to work with our customers to ensure the transcription is completed to their satisfaction.

“The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest priority.”

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Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced

We've got a team of highly experienced professionals who are specialists in their fields to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensure that every transcription, caption, subtitle and translation are at least 99% accurate as long as the content provided is of clear quality.


We offer quality results with our team of experts covered by our satisfaction guarantee, but we also offer very competitive pricing.

What Our Customers Say