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What is Website Localization?

Website Localization is the process of adapting the language, style and flow to connect with your target audience and create a relevant experience for your users. The first step of any Website Localization is to translate the website to a clear and understandable context. The second step is to adjust the translation and relevant images for the target audience. After all, if you’re trying to appeal to a specific audience, you want to ensure that you can connect and relate to them.

Why Choose J Dee Media?

Take Pride

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Here at J Dee Media, our Website Localization service is something that we take massive pride in. We set out to deliver the best service possible while creating perfectly timed captions for your videos. Every effort is put into accurately transcribing the spoken text and ensuring the finished product is error-free before completing the order. We understand as a business, it’s not just a video, it’s your reputation.

To us, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

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Meet Our Deadlines

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Before committing to a deadline, we first ensure that we can meet it. When we have committed to a delivery date, we are confident in our ability to not only meet it, but we will also give every effort to deliver early. We are firm believers that it’s always better to over-deliver than under – After all, customer satisfaction is what keeps us going!

Team of Experts

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Many members of our team have more than 5 years of experience in producing Website Localization. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of specialists in their fields to help ensure we get you the best results. If you’ve got a medical seminar you want transcribing – we do our best to put the right person on the job!

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Affordable Prices

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Being competitively priced without compromising on quality is something we take pride in. We understand that not everyone can afford to break the bank, and that’s why we have ensured that we are affordable for the services we offer.

We also offer discounts for larger projects meaning you can take advantage of even better prices!

Quality Guarantee

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Here at J Dee Media, we are so confident in our abilities that we offer a satisfaction guarantee of 99% or greater transcription accuracy. This applies to transcriptions, closed captions, open captions, subtitles and post-production captions.

It is important to us that quality is consistently met for our customer’s satisfaction. In the unlikely event, it didn’t meet our guarantee, drop us a message!

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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate aim, and we are confident that our Website Localization service does that. Ensuring high-quality, deadline-driven, expertly transcribed, competitively priced whilst being backed by our quality guarantee is something we are proud of. Our tried and tested method is to ensure that both parties (J Dee Media and our clients) walk away with smiles on their faces. Is there anything better than having an enjoyable, stress-free service where both parties win?

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