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YouTube Caption Experts

Here at J Dee Media, a large percentage of our clients are content creators that regularly create videos to be uploaded on YouTube. We specialize in providing them with closed captions for their videos which have helped benefit their channels with growth, engagement and producing long-term returns.

YouTube Captions have also been proven to be beneficial for their viewers.

How can YouTube Captions benefit me?

1. SEO

One of the largest impacts that YouTube Captions do to help your channel grow is to increase your SEO. It has been proven that using text files for your videos help your videos rank for the searching algorithms. This helps impact searches, not only in YouTube, but also in other popular search engines like Google.
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2. Hearing Disabilities

Similar to SEO, accessibility is key as a content creator. The more people that gain access to your channel, the larger the viewership and engagement. You may be asking,

“How do captions help accessibility?”

Well, to answer your question – Around 430 million of the world’s population suffer from hearing disabilities. That’s a staggering 5% of the world’s population!

3. Secondary Languages

Another really intriguing fact that most people aren’t aware of is – Only 6% (400 million) of the world’s population actually speak English as their first language. In fact, there are more than two and a half times more people who speak it as a secondary language. This makes it even more important to have an accurately written YouTube Captions on your videos. It not only helps your viewers comprehend better but it will almost certainly increase viewership, engagement and an overall positive experience.
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4. Worldwide Reach

YouTube Captions are not limited to just English, either. If you wanted to expand internationally, it’s almost imperative to provide localised content for your viewers.

Broadcasters and Movies are prime examples of this. Do they release the content in just one language? Of course not. The whole idea behind media is making it accessible for as many people in the world as possible. In a previous point, we mentioned that only 6% (400 million) of the world’s population speak English as their first language. That means there’s a massive 94% still to grab.

And the best way to do that? Localised content for the viewers of course!
“As a content creator, it is all about releasing high-quality content that is optimised for the most accessibility possible. We help make that happen.”

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