10 Reasons Why Your Videos Needs to be Transcribed and Captioned

10 Reasons Why Your Videos Needs to Be Transcribed and Captioned

Millions of videos are shared on digital media every day, but only the videos with the best possible quality reach their target audiences and make it to the top in search engines. All of this happens just because of proper transcription and captioning of the videos.

Researchers have it that every 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online rather than watching their TV. By 2025, half of the viewers would not like to subscribe to paid TV services.

Transcribing and proper captioning add value to your videos. Mostly, people lose interest in the video if it is not captioned. The goal is to reach globally, and that can only happen if your videos target the right audiences at the right time.

Let J Dee Media help you in producing quality transcription services. But first, let’s dig into the reasons why transcribing and captioning is so important for your videos!

1. Provide accessibility to deaf or non-natives

Approximately 5% (over 350 million people worldwide) have some kind of hearing problem and belong to non-native regions. To reach this specific population, your videos should provide proper captioning and subtitling.

Research shows that captions help people in remembering certain facts and information provided in the video and it helps in building vocabulary too. People feel at ease when they don’t have to listen again and again to understand, instead, they read captions to grasp the needed information.

2. Provides better understanding and comprehension

Video transcription provides a quick interest of your audience. Several studies conducted by researchers show that captioning and subtitling can help in strengthening the reading skills of students.

Students showed more interest in transcribed videos (captions and subtitles) over other options (no captions, print media). Captions provide a better comprehension of the content and increase audience retention rates. Closed captions can greatly boost the understanding level of non-native viewers. Not only this, transcribing and captioning your videos can increase the literacy rate of students too.

3. Improves organic traffic

Videos that are transcribed have more views than the ones non-transcribed. This is because transcribing gives a lot of advantage in gaining organic traffic to your website. The main idea of transcribing and captioning is to rank higher in search engines. The videos with better SEO get in top results.

The fully captioned videos provide full information to the search engines systems such as full text, video description, title, metadata etc. and as a result, your video stands on top in the user’s search browser. You can fully optimize your content and it provides a vast opportunity to use all the keywords that will help in ranking your video. SEO is important if you want your videos to shine on the first page of search engines as 71.33% of the viewers don’t go to second, third or more pages.

Fully captioned video with SEO-optimized content is a win-win situation for you.

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4. Gives more lead-magnet opportunities

Transcribing video to text will give you more lead magnet opportunities. That is, you can use your content in different ways after transcribing your video. It eventually will lead your website to grow and you will get a massive following.

If we tell you the easiest way, you can use transcribed videos in different ways based on your audience preferences.

For example, if you are doing video transcription, you may want to repurpose your content into other options as well such as blog posts, e-books, PDF content, infographics, social network posts and so much more.

Zazzle media reveals that 61% of people find it hard to produce similar content consistently. It is our opinion to dive into multiple categories to keep your momentum going.

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5. Protects you from Disability Discrimination Law

It is in the law to have closed captions in the video so that disabled individuals can access to the same information as the rest of the people. According to the Closed Captioning Standards for Television and Media broadcast, media companies must caption online video if it aired already with captions on TV.

The laws are strictly regulated by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). More anti-discrimination legislation such as 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is open too. The debate about applying captions to videos is raging in the courtrooms of America.

So it is the best way to caption your videos to avoid any legal hassle.

6. Great for sound-sensitive environment

A research by DigiDay shows that 85% of people play Facebook videos without sound. Playing videos in a silent mode is a new practice nowadays.

Sometimes, there is an obstruction in sound due to poor connection or you are in such a place where you cannot increase sound, in such situations captions play an important role. Closed captions let viewers enjoy the videos even in quiet places such as libraries and workplaces.

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7. Improves watch time of your videos

It is a complete leg-work to make top-notch content so that audiences get hooked to your website or channel. Captioning and subtitling potentially increase the average watch time of your videos.

Closed captions make sure that the viewers remain on your website for the longer time possible. Video transcription helps in maintaining the audience retention rate. Clear captions might engage your viewers for a longer period if you provide deep and meaningful content.

In addition, video transcription gives full authority to Google to scan your full text so that it can get a desired position on the search engine. A study conducted by DDN (Discovery Digital Networks) shows that YouTube videos with captions had 13.48% more views as compared to videos non-captioned.

8. Reach wider audience globally

The natural first step in transcribing your video is creating subtitles in a foreign language. In 2021, the internet is at everyone’s fingertips. Your content can reach globally to a wider audience if it is captioned properly.

Can you imagine 80% of the YouTube views come from outside of the US and eight of the top ten countries with massive users of YouTube are non-English?

Providing transcription services to your viewers can massively increase your outreach globally. Furthermore, translated captions and transcripts can enhance your SEO ranking.

9. Possibility to make derivative content

Digital researchers and content creators need videos or audios to create clips, reels, testimonials, and much more but without captions, the task becomes daunting and complex. Video and audio transcription helps in scanning the desired keywords and phrases or topics that content creators and researchers can easily use.

Transcribed videos can serve many purposes. They can also be used for educational purposes by the students and important points can be noted with the help of captions.

10. Easily available transcription softwares

Why not avail transcription service when it is easily available?

There are countless transcription software that can transcribe your videos within minutes. It’s easy to transcribe automatically by using AI software and then edit it manually. It will save you both time and money.

We are not saying these AI softwares are perfect, but they can provide 50-70% accurate results. Work smartly so that you can focus more on the quality. You can transcribe your video within minutes with an average cost of .10 – .25 cents per minute.

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These are the top reasons why you need to transcribe your videos. Benefits are immeasurable if you transcribe your videos to texts but choosing the right company is quite a task.

JDee Media will help you out in all its might. We are providing hallmark transcription services to our customers with great honesty. Transcription is not an easy task and is always prone to errors. From choosing the right software to editing manually, we got our customers covered.

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